Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Whack and you are straight back there.

I feel like I have been physically thrown back 8 years! I feel winded and incrediby sad.

Today I learnt that a (nother) very special person has lost the battle against cancer. Cancer, in my mind, is the cruelest disease ever.

The person in question was not someone I knew very well. She was in fact Matthew's and Alan's counsellor during Matthew's/Ju's cancer. She met Matthew on a weekly basis for the last 8 months of his life, even coming to the hospice/our home to see and speak with him. She met Alan weekly for longer.

We chatted when I visited Jane Scarth house, she came to our wedding and met Esmé and Charlie when they were tiny babies.

It is right to feel sad that she has died. She was an amazing person, with an amazing job...it seems doubly cruel that she had cancer herself.

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