Wednesday, 17 June 2009

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

The title of this post is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and it is so very true. I am working hard at this. I am trying to avoid situations where I feel inferior. I am turning up as late as possible to the school playground at the end of the day as I have identified that as 1 of my main problems.

I attend a support group for my post natal depression and this week's session was ways to boost our self esteem. We discussed the power of positive thinking and were given steps to try this week. I'm afraid I am not really 'into' this. The positive from this exercise was I had a good giggle with Alan about the steps last night.

1) Accept compliments with 'thank you'. I can honestly say that I have done this one. I have had my hair cut and coloured today and said thank you when complimented.

2) Use affirmations to enhance your self esteem. On the back of a card write 'I like and accept myself' or 'I am a valuable, lovable person and deserve the best in life'. Carry the card with you and read regularly, especially before going to bed. hmmmm call me cynical, but this sounds a bit egotistical....won't be doing this one.

3)Associate with positive people. Ok, how do I avoid my mother???? ;o)

4) Read books on building self esteem. Yes, cos I have plenty of time and *really* want to spend my spare time on self help books, I'd rather read novels thanks, actually I'd rather be online lol.

5)Start giving more, when you do things for others you feel more valuable and this raises your self esteem. Well, my esteem so should be sky high then....having 4 children means I am constantly giving.

Can anyone tell I am not taking thse very seriously. There are more, but they make me raise my eyebrows even more, so that they disappear behind my new fringe!